The Osseo Lions will prioritize requests to those that benefit the Osseo community as a whole, the local school district, youth and seniors, and sometimes to individuals who may be in need in our local service area.

The membership of The Osseo Lions retains the sole right to grant or deny any requests made not fitting within the guides, spirit, or mission of the organization or due to lack of funding at the time of the request.


ONLINE Donation Request
The following is a lawful request for financial assistance from the Osseo Lions Club, Osseo, Minnesota under the guidelines set forth by the Charitable Gambling Control Board of the State of Minnesota.
Individuals must seek requests through a designated third party organization.
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Area Code & 7 Digits - No Spaces EX: 7631112222
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What is the estimated cost of your entire project?
How much other funds have you raised at this point?
How much are you requesting today?
What geographical areas do you serve?
What other organizations have you reached out to to-date?
Of those pending requests, who, if any, have approved your requests?
What other governing bodies will require approval? Please select one.
If a 3rd party or other governing body's approval was required, have you received this approval yet?
Are you affiliated with any charitable gambling organization in the state of Minnesota?
If you so, how and with whom? If not, type N/A.
Are you exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code?
Type N/A if you do not have this information. Understand missing information could delay approvals.
To the best of my knowledge, the above information is true and accurate, and by signing this request, I am acting as a valid representative of our organization.

Manual Submission

Print & Mail Alternative

Download and fill out our PDF application to request a financial donation for consideration. Mail completed application to the address listed on the form. Allow 30 days for consideration.

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