LIONS ROAR is Back for 2023

September 8th & 9th
Lions Roar 500×625

Gold, Premier & Platinum Sponsorships Needed

Deadline for Early Registration Marketing Reach is August 11th

Receive added brand reach and build consumer goodwill with additional brand promotion this year with Banner Space, T-Shirt logo display, Prime digital banner placement on website, digital thank-you promotion on website and event page, social media recognition, Tent Banner*, Digital Billboard Thank You promotion (Hwy 81 in Osseo)*, as well as a year of brand promotion as a thank you for your support.

* for Premier and Platinum levels - subject to change

Check our sponsor application for more details.

Osseo LIONS ROAR Weekend - Sept 8th & 9th

Barring Severe Weather - We're Partying Rain or Shine!