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Join a team of caring community volunteers who have helped dozens of local community, educational, and children's sporting organizations in addition to organizations supporting the needs of veterans and community members with disabilities.

We support community initiatives and events like our annual Osseo Lions Roar civic event, Movies in the Park, Community Halloween Party, Photos with Santa Day, Regional Food Drives, and our Autumn Baking Competition, and so much more!

If you're an individual or organization looking to log community volunteer hours, please consider helping the Osseo Lions Club with one of their upcoming events and we'll provide you with a certificate of participation.


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Charitable Gambling

The Osseo Lions does not advocate or promote gambling, but we understand this is something some like to do for fun while visiting local establishments for food and drink, so we hope if you are one of these people you will consider charitble gambling at our Lion's pull tab booth at Duffy's Bar & Grill on Central Ave in Osseo.

Charity gambling is the practice where typical gambling 'games' such as bingo, roulette, lottery, slot machines, etc. are overseen by a charity or group of charities. The profits from the venture go to the charity or group of charities, rather than to a municipality or private casino. Sometimes this occurs as a 'one time event' during a casino night or such type party. In other cases, charity interests maintain ongoing gambling concerns.

What does the Osseo Lions do with funds collected by charitable gambling?

We readily accept donation requests for funds from our charitable gambling proceeds as long as the request and the persons and or organization making the request meets the criteria of Lawful purposes set forth by the State of Minnesota Gambling Board.


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